Welcome to my photography page! 

If you'd like to see sorted collections of my work, you can do so at Fine Art America.  This is an online gallery where I also sell various photography products.  If you have met me at a recent art related show or market, you are at the right place!  I am a musician as well and am currently using my music website as a hub for my photography. A sample of a few of the pictures I have taken can be found below, but but the vast majority are at my Fine Art America link.  You are also welcome to follow me on my facebook page!

FineArtAmerica ordering vs ordering from me directly    

If you'd like to purchase a signed print or a particular product you saw at one of my art fair booths, you can email me at caleb@calebmcginn.com to discuss which artwork you are interested in.  Many times I have different products at my booth than what is available on the website, but the FineArtAmerica gallery is a great way to be able to see what pictures look like in various frames, etc.  If there are any pictures you saw at a fair that you don't see online, just let me know!  If you are wanting a custom quote on any picture, whether it be canvas, metal, framed or acrylic, email me and I can give you some options.  I can usually do any size or style on any picture.  Also, if ordering from FineArtAmerica, please note that these products ship directly from Fine Art America and will not come from me directly.  I also do not know who makes an order on there, only the location.  If you are wanting a specific product that was at my booth or a combination of signed prints, just email me and I can take your order directly.  Also, if you are wanting a large sized picture (bigger than 16x24), you might also get with me first to see what the best option would be for your product. Thank you for visiting the site!  

Prints purchased directly from my FineArtAmerica website are not signed and they come with a white border. All of my prints in my personal stock or prints ordered from me directly are pre-signed. Not all prints come in all sizes. The wider the shot is, the more likely it is that it would be a panoramic size (5x10, 5x15, 8x20, 10x20, 8x24). The majority of my images are in a 1x2, 1x3, 4x5 or 2x3 crop ratio with 2x3 being the most common. I can help with figuring all of that stuff out. Below are my prices for various print sizes. Obviously any “prints” would need to then be framed by you.  I usually include a framing guide on the back of the print to help with that.  Metals, canvas and acrylic products can also be ordered from me directly and do not need to be framed.  Metals are my top selling product outside of prints and are a great way to display your photo in a sleek and stylish way.  I offer two different grades of metal prints, Standard and Chromaluxe.  The differences between those are explained here.  Metals can also be ordered on FineArtAmerica, but I would consider those to be a “mid-tier” metal.  If you want the highest quality metal print, it is best to order that from me directly.





Print Prices (Ordered directly from me)

5x10, 8x10 - $20   |   8x12, 5x15 - $25   |   11x14, 8x20, 10x20 - $45   |   8x24 - $55   |   12x18 - $65   |   16x20, 16x24 - $100   |   12x36 - $125   |   24x36 - $150

Email about custom quotes for metal and canvas prints!

SHIPPING:  $5 for small sizes (4x6, 8x10, 8x12) and calendars, $10 for medium sizes (5x15, 11x14, 8x20, 8x24 10x20, 12x18) and $20 for the largest sizes (16x20 and up).

To order, you can message me directly on Facebook OR email me at caleb@calebmcginn.com . I will then send you a PayPal invoice to pay for the order using a credit or debit card. I also accept Venmo. To find the image names, it is best to use the names listed on my FineArtAmerica website or the names of the ones listed on Facebook. If you have any questions or would like price quotes on metal/canvas, let me know that as well. Many of my pictures look AMAZING on metal and they don’t have to be framed either.


If you would like to order something from me directly or have any questions, please fill out the form below!

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