Metal Prints – Caleb McGinn Photography


About the metal prints:  In determining which metal print supplier to use, a number of factors were considered, namely price and quality.  Ultimately, I decided to give customers a couple of different choices:  A mid-tier option that I would consider to be a great option for customers who want to try out metal product but might have to stay within a lower budget.  A top-tier option for those that value appearance and quality above all else, while still being reasonably priced. 

Option 1:  Mid-tier metal description:  My mid-tier metals generally come from 2 different suppliers depending on the size ordered.  The mid-tier grade has a quality print, but the main differences are that the mid-tier edges can be a bit more rugged and the print quality and metal backing are generally a slightly lower level of quality than the top tier.  These will still last an extremely long time if well taken care of and from a distance it is hard to even tell the difference.  I would consider any metals ordered from my FineArtAmerica website to be a mid-tier grade. 

Option 2:  Top-tier metal description: (ChromaLuxe)  Using the latest technology, these metals are made using a top-notch dye-sublimation process on high quality ChromaLuxe metal panels, which are proven to last over 65 years.  The edges are smooth and rounded and there are a variety of quality backing options to choose from.  The resolution and clarity on these are unmatched.  Think of it as the difference between HD and 4K.  Ultimately, this is what I would recommend to most customers as it is the perfect blend of price and quality and are truly the best metal prints on the market!  To order this type of metal, please contact me with the form below or email at  The best way to view my images is at FineArtAmerica.



Surface Options for Top-Tier (Mid-tier usually comes in a gloss/semi-gloss)


Backing Options for Top-Tier (Mid-tier comes with a standard foam, wood or cork board backing)