About my music

I am a Kansas born singer/songwriter with sounds similar to Mat Kearney, John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Matt Nathanson. I have played guitar for about 20 years now, but I didn't start writing my own music until I missed my flight back home from London, England in the summer of 2009.  Since then, I have been playing shows all over the United States.  After recording an acoustic EP in 2010 in San Diego, I ventured out to to Nashville, TN to record my first full production EP, "Bigger Picture".  For this EP, I was fortunate enough to work with Jeremy McCoy, who has also worked with The Fray, James Morrison, One Republic and various other notable acts.

My music is about more than just the songs. It's about a mindset, a way of life, a pursuit of one's dreams. I truly believe that each and every person, no matter where they are in life, can achieve what they want if they take the appropriate steps. Sure, it may require work, focus, patience, and the ability to overcome challenges, but it would not be as fulfilling otherwise. From my experience, it seems as though many people get "stuck", whether it be from preconceived notions or restrictions placed upon themselves by others or a lack of belief in their own abilities. Sometimes it is because people aren't truly following their heart and doing what they love to do. Personally, I have tried out quite a few things in my short time here on earth. From different sports, to odd jobs here and there, and now to music, I've found that persistence and doing what you are passionate about can take you a long ways.

In recent years, I had to take a step back from touring and playing shows much much due to some various health issues.  While it has certainly been a challenge, it also gave me time to pursue another passion of mine, photography.  I have really enjoyed being able to capture photos in a unique style that really makes them stand out more than traditional photography.  I hope to be able to integrate my photography into touring in the years to come and hopefully continue to visit new and exciting scenic locations across the world!


About me

Originally from a small town in Kansas, I grew up working on a farm, playing sports, and playing music occasionally. It wasn't until college, however, that I picked up guitar for the first time. I spent countless nights staying up until 4am trying to learn songs on the internet...I think I slept through quite a few classes that year. Oops! I'm glad that I had the time to be able to put into it though because I couldn't image my life without being able to write, play, and perform music as I do now. 

Unfortunately, I hit a pretty big roadbump in my career in the summer of 2012 when I contracted Lyme disease and various other tick-borne infections after working at a summer camp.  I went from touring and playing shows to sick in bed and fighting for every last bit of energy.  Throughout this time, I learned a lot about myself and about diseases in general.  I've had to completely change my lifestyle adapting a completely different diet and cut back on a lot of physical activities.  During this time, I started exploring some other passions of mine including photography.  I really enjoy photography and love that it's something everyone can do to a certain extent.  In addition to photography, I also enjoy playing and watching sports, trying out organic food recipes, traveling, and simply being outdoors.   Well, that's it about me...hopefully we'll be able to get to know each other better in the months and years to come!