From the recording Bigger Picture

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I want a girl from the city
A busy little thing
Knows what she wants and not afraid to say

I want a girl from the country
The Kansas plain
A genuine heart and simple ways…..ya

I want an independent girl
Steady and free
One that’s not afraid to chase her dreams

An emotional girl
With a tender heart
Won’t hesitate to tell me when she’s falling apart

Maybe you’re out there, maybe someday
Our paths will collide in a different way
And if you’re out there, maybe someday
We’ll meet together with a sweet embrace
Still haven’t found you, but I’m holding this hope
That we’ll be together soon
And I’ll be holding you
The girl of my dreams

I want a smart girl
Was in the spelling bee
Reads a book over watching TV

A free spirited girl
Adventurous like me
Like a kitten filled with curiosity

I want a girl that like sports
Doesn’t mind to play
And watches the game on Saturday

I want a sweeeeet girl
With a little bit of charm
Likes to cuddle and hold my arm


I think about you every day
And all the things we’ll do
Oh I can’t wait to have my arms around you