From the recording Bigger Picture

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Verse 1
Well you’ve seemed to find a way to strike my curiosity, babe
Sitting there across the table, with your hand on me,
Your hand on me
There was something a little different about you, babe
so nice and sweet, nice and sweet

At first, I didn’t expect anything
But now you’ve got me questioning

You took a small piece of my heart,
And I didn’t know it from the start
But you spun your web and got ahold of me
And pulled it away when I couldn’t see
You took a small piece of my heart

Verse 2
Well I have to say I like the way you held onto me,
Held onto me
And I’m already starting to miss the taste of your gentle kiss
Your gentle kiss, your gentle kiss


Maybe it’s only for a moment, may be a distant dream
But my heart’s out on the line now so I’d like to think
maybe it was meant to be