Let go...and go with the flow!

Sometimes you just have to let go and go with the flow...I have definitely learned this over the past few months!

There is no doubt a natural cycle in life.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always follow the way that I think things should go.  Do you ever feel like you are paddling upstream, going against the current or forcing things in life?  I’ve definitely felt this many times and it’s usually because of my need to control certain situations or simply do everything the way I think they should be done (even if it’s not necessarily the best way!).  Usually this leads to stress, anxiety and fear of the future because you become so anxious about what is coming next that you lose sight of the most important time, the present. 
I was contemplating this today as I was in the process of putting together a music tour this summer in addition to thinking of all of the other million things that I need to get done before then.  I started realizing how anxious I was and needed to step away for a bit so I decided to go outside and do a few stretching exercises and some basic yoga in the grass.  Even though I only did this for about 10 minutes, it really helped reconnect me to nature and the normal flow of life.  It also reminded me that things will eventually take care of themselves and me worrying about them won’t help the situation any.  I think the ladybug that I saw also agreed with my thoughts on this…lol.

I’ve often found that whenever I start to have this anxious feeling, doing something out in nature or simply setting aside some time to meditate and allow your mind to be free and let go of everything helps tremendously.  Not only am I refreshed afterwards, I am much more inspired, motivated and focused to do the tasks that I need to get done! 
So there you have it, my two cents for the day!  I’ve even got it on my to do list to write a song about “going with the flow”, but it hasn’t quite happened yet.  I am ok with that though because I know that it’ll happen when it’s supposed to!   Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!!   : )

Edit: After writing this, I've also concluded that another thing we need to let go of is our FEAR!!  It is no longer serving us...  More on that to come later!  : )

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