1. Live Today

From the recording Bigger Picture

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Live Today

Verse 1
How can I know where to begin?
With so many hopes and dreams
I wanna do everything
But I’m doing what’s in my heart now
It doesn’t matter what goes wrong
Because deep inside I know it’s true
That this is what I do

Time keeps a passing by
Can’t stop it so I won’t try
Embrace the moment and truly live today
No reason to worry, it won’t help anyway
So don’t you wait until tomorrow
Live Today

Verse 2
I’ve made mistakes in the past
But there is no turning back now
Sometimes I can’t see where I’m at
But at least I know I’m on the right track
And there’s no reason to have to rush
What you have right now is enough


Won’t always be time that we can waste
Won’t be easy choices (we have) to make
And when there are setbacks throughout the day
Just keep pushing on and find another way
and live today